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The workshop has had years of development and is specifically designed to have consistent tuition and practice on the wheel so you can be self-efficient to feel at the end of the course you can feel confident and independent practice.

In your first session you will receive a tool box for the duration of the course, apron and sketch book. You will have your own wheel and workspace while you learn with us at Ridgeway Studios, we like to teach in small classes of four.

Materials and tools will be included the 4 week session, firings will be provided, and however any work you may wish to get fire that is extra to the limit of clay provided there will be a slight additional charge depending on the weight of work.

Finola will give you one to one in each session until you are confident to throw on your own.

Throwing is craft that takes practice and patience and persistence. We believe everyone can achieve the skill, the work shop is designed to be a relaxed start to your ceramic journey.


week one

Gentle introduction to throwing on the pottery wheel, the first session is all about learning the way of how to handle clay on the pottery wheel. The first session is to insure your knowledge of the preparations needed for throwing.

  • Introduction to Ridgeway Studios and the course
  • Induction to tools and machinery
  • Learning about clay
  • Wedging/preparations
  • Centring Throwing
  • Studio Cleanliness induction
  • Group discussion


week two

The most effective way to learn the craft of throwing on the wheel is persistence, you learn from making mistakes. Everyone’s abilities to learn throwing is unique, at Ridgeway Studios we have created an environment to let you the student have tranquillity and space to find your own throwing style. Persistence is the main lesson getting your hands used to working with tools and clay in a rhythm that suits. One to one direction on the wheel to guide any difficulties and smooth over any worries to make you feel stronger and ready for the next session.

  • Centring practice
  • Basic throwing techniques
  • One to one tuition
  • Trial and error
  • Exploration and self-directed throwing
  • Group discussion
  • Tidy space


week three

Learning how to throw consistently is a skill that requires time and patience, session three is crash course into pushing your limits to what you have already learnt to insure you have hit criteria at this stage you are happy with.

  • Throwing warm up
  • Turning and finishing pottery
  • Tuition /design ideas
  • Students should be now throwing strong forms
  • Throw and repeat
  • Group discussion
  • Tidy up


week four

In the last session you have the freedom to use your new skills and create your own work. By this point of the workshop you would have found your own style

This workshop is designed purely for learning how to throw on the wheel, beginners are welcome but we would suggest booking on to a beginner’s day workshop that we offer on weekends to give you a head start.

  • Independent throwing
  • Finalising forms and style
  • Choosing items for firing
  • Advice to your ceramic future


At the end of the course you will be offered to choose items to fire and to be glazed, any extra pieces you would like to fire that is more than the clay offered, a small firing charge will be added and scaled by weight and size. The course is all structured about learning the craft of throwing and to gain your own skills that you can then take on further. There are also options to hire a space at the studio to work independently to continue your journey once you have finished the four weeks.



Ten hours total


Wednesday's 6.30pm – 9pm


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Course Terms and conditions:

  • The course must be paid upfront to ensure a space. (There are only four spaces on this workshop so do bear that in mind.
  • NO refunds after course has started
  • If you are ill and miss a session or for unforeseeable issues we can arrange another time. But we cannot offer exchanges for more than one session.
  • The workshop is designed purely to gain skills and knowledge and only your best work will be selected by you to fire and to be glazed. If you wish to fire extra work you have created in your time at Ridgeway Studios payment additions can be added at the end of the session. A lot of work will be created in this workshop but a lot of the work will be trial and error and practicing.
  • No food and drink is allowed to be eaten during or in the workshop, however we have a garden and kitchen where you can relax on a break if you wish.
  • Clothing – make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit messy. No heels. No necklaces.